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Student Finance

Summer 2024 Payment Due Date

Payment due by Sunday, Jun. 2, 2024 to avoid late fees. Make your payment through MyNIC. 


NIC’s Student Finance resources are available for students to be aware and informed about paying for college. From making the decision to sign up through paying off tuition in installments, Student Finance resources enable you to make efficient and educated decisions at each step of financing your education at NIC.

MyNIC Student Finance Portal

Students will benefit from enhanced integrated services in their MyNIC Self Service Student Finance portal including:

  • Selection of disbursement preference: Select your disbursement preference directly from the MyNIC Self Service Student Finance portal. Currently, the only disbursement option is direct deposit into your personal bank account or paper check if a direct deposit has not been set up.
  • Additional payment options for tuition and fees: NIC accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and eCheck (ACH).

  • Real-time payment plan options: Easily select a payment plan with a due date that fits into your monthly budget. "Real-time" payment plans will auto-adjust your payment amount based on adding or dropping classes or the award of financial aid. NIC will offer payment plans for Fall and Spring Semesters and Summer Sessions.

  • Designate an Authorized User (parent/spouse/etc.): Authorized users will receive a separate login for your student account. Authorized users can view account details, make payments or set up a payment plan on your behalf. However, authorized users will not have access to your student schedule or other educational information.


Concurrently enrolled students are enrolled at North Idaho College and also Lewis-Clark State College or University of Idaho at the same time.

If you intend to enroll in classes at North Idaho College and also University of Idaho or Lewis-Clark State College during the same semester, your financial aid enrollment status will be determined by combining credits from both institutions. Your financial aid eligibility will be determined by the Financial Aid Office at the University of Idaho or Lewis-Clark State College.

Click here if your are a University of Idaho student

Click here if you are a Lewis-Clark State College student

Upon completion of the Certificate of Residency form, mail or deliver the form to your county clerk for authorization. This form must be submitted every academic year unless otherwise noted by your county. Certificate of Residency forms must be submitted and processed by the end of each semester.

Forms will be posted to the student's account as received. Students are still responsible for paying the out-of-county tuition portion in full by the published due dates unless we have received the approved form from your county. A Certificate of Residency form is not required during the Summer Session. Check your MyNIC account for updated billing status.

Per the Idaho Statute #30-2110, all counties must be invoiced by the community college no later than Oct. 15 for the Fall Semester and no later than March 15 for the Spring Semester. If your Certificate of Residency is not received in Student Accounts by these dates, they will not be processed per this statute.

The following counties require a new Certificate of Residency each semester:
Butte, Gooding, and Power.

Certificate of Residency

A Hardship Refund may be granted when circumstances beyond the control of the student prevent the student from completing their enrolled courses.

Students may apply for a hardship refund if they meet the following criteria:

  • Student withdrew due to a documented medical issue for themselves or a close family relative (accident, illness, serious injury, etc.). Required Supporting Documentation: Brief, written statement by a doctor or medical health professional on official letterhead.
  • The student withdrew due to a documented death of a close family member (spouse, child, parent or other immediate family members). Required Supporting Documentation: Copy of obituary or death certificate.

Students must be officially withdrawn from all classes in the semester that they are requesting a Hardship Refund. If the student has not officially withdrawn from all classes, the student must contact Cardinal Central to complete the late withdrawal process, if applicable.

Students must submit the Hardship Refund Request along with the appropriate supporting documentation. Request forms that do not include supporting documentation will not be reviewed.

A student who qualifies for a hardship refund will be granted a refund of up to 50 percent of the tuition portion of their tuition and fees for the semester. Fees are non-refundable. The refund is calculated as a percentage of the semester completed before the withdrawal date. Granted refunds will be applied to the student's account for the semester. Refunds will pay down any outstanding balance before being remitted to the student. Students with an outstanding balance may not register or receive official transcripts until the balance is paid in full.

Students who receive financial aid for the semester should contact Cardinal Central to determine the impact of a withdrawal on their financial aid. Students seeking a refund for room and board at the NIC Residence Hall must contact the director of the Residence Hall as it is a separate process.

Hardship Refund requests will only be accepted for the previous two years. Hardship refunds are only granted once per student.

The entire Hardship Refund process takes about four to six weeks.

Hardship Refund Request [PDF]

Fill out the form and fax it to (208) 769-3431.

Payment by Fax Form [Fillable PDF]

Complete the form and mail to:

North Idaho College
Attn: Student Finance Office
1000 W. Garden Ave.
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
or fax to: (208) 769-3431

Request for Student’s Taxpayer Identification Number [Fillable PDF]


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