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Graduation and Commencement

Graduation and Commencement

Congratulations on your progress toward graduation!  

We want to ensure that your graduation and commencement experiences are as enjoyable  as possible. The following information will assist you in completing the necessary steps toward graduation and commencement. If you have any questions, please contact Cardinal Central for assistance.

The Difference Between Graduation and Commencement

Graduation refers to officially completing a degree or certificate program. You are required to apply for graduation to have your program completion status reviewed and awarded. Upon verification of completion, the degree or certificate is posted to your record and transcript. Diplomas are printed and mailed after this verification.

Often casually referred to as graduation, commencement is the ceremony for graduates. NIC hosts a commencement ceremony at the end of each spring semester as a celebration for candidates who complete all their graduation requirements.

There is only one commencement ceremony each year to celebrate graduation from the previous Fall Semester, current Spring Semester or upcoming Summer Session.

Diplomas are not distributed during commencement ceremonies. Confirmation of all program requirements will begin once official grades are posted.  It is highly recommended that you meet with your academic advisor prior to your last semester in order to review your records and ensure all graduation requirements will be met.

Applying for Graduation

In order to be considered as a candidate for graduation, you must complete an Application for Graduation in MyNIC Self Service, which is required whether or not you plan to participate in your commencement ceremony.

You should apply for graduation as soon as you have registered for the term you intend to complete all your degree/certificate requirements. The graduation application opens on Oct. 15 for Spring Semester and March 15 for Summer Session and Fall Semester. The application closes on the last day of each term.

Degree Posting and Diplomas

The process of awarding degrees begins once all grades for the term are final. This process takes about one week. Once awarding is complete, the degree or certificate information is available on your NIC transcript. Diplomas are mailed to the address you provided on your application, and you should receive them approximately six weeks after the term ends.

Ordering Official Transcripts

Commencement Ceremony

The NIC Commencement Ceremony is held once each year in May. Students eligible to participate in commencement are candidates for graduation from the previous Fall Semester, the current Spring Semester and the upcoming Summer Session.