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The accessibility of is extremely important to us! If you encounter any barriers and need assistance, please contact


NIC’s IT Accessibility (A11y) is dedicated to creating inclusive and equitable solutions encompassing a broad spectrum of electronics, information, and technology (EIT). Our commitment is to foster equal opportunities for success in Idaho Higher Education, valuing and embracing TRUE diversity of abilities within our community. IT A11y is proactively engaged in developing a wide range of training initiatives, programs, and events that champion digital access for individuals with diverse abilities. By promoting universal design principles, we aim to ensure a more inclusive and accessible educational experience for all.

Understanding internationally accepted accessibility guidelines, federal requirements, and the importance of true diversity in creating an accessible campus are key in this endeavor.

NIC has several resources to help guide you in building, testing and ensuring equal access.

NIC Knowledgebase on Accessibility

"AT is Essential for some; helpful for all"
Myles Pilling

Accessibility Camp 2023 Speaker, Myles Pilling introduced NIC to a new 3-part documentary series called The Power of Assistive Technology.  This docu-series highlights members passionate about assistive technology and education:

The Power of Assistive Technology -Trailer from BATA on Vimeo.

NIC Students, Staff & Faculty

Watch the 3-part series on Panopto

Would you like access to the three-part documentary series?

Go to and click on the "Give me access" button.

North Idaho College is a proud partner of the AUB ABLE Summit and helped to facilitate and moderate a few of 2020's webinars, including:

Please report access barriers you encounter, either physical or electronic, such as an inoperative elevator or wheelchair lift, bicycles blocking an access ramp, drifting snow, or inaccessible documents on websites or electronic information in classrooms that is not accessible, so the college can remove those barriers as quickly as possible.

Contact NIC Disability Support Services at (208) 665-4520.

Please let us know if you encounter any digital resources creating an access barrier, and we will prioritize the remediation of that resource at our earliest possible convenience. Our dedication to true diversity ensures that everyone can fully engage with the content and services we provide on the new, improved, and more accessible website.

Email: | Phone: (208) 929-4030